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    Tuesday, May 05, 2009


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    N. DeC

    I'm not too fond of the fiery eyes, but they are what drew my grandkids eyes during a recent visit. The fact the horse is getting attention can be considered successful for a public work. How many works are out there that we see once and never consider a second time? the mustang, the Blue Bear and the Dancers (aka Dancing Aliens) do draw attention to Denver's choices for public art. So it's a good thing people are discussing them.


    That is a good point. The horse is quite imposing, so every time you go to the airport, you will definitely take note of it. And I guess it's true what they say -- there's no such thing as bad publicity!

    Robert R Teel

    I am very fond of this artist work having seen numersous pieces here in Albuquerque, NM and El Paso, TX. So sad he passed to the other side so soon. Those opposed to his art in Denver have a true lack of understanding for the arts. > RT

    Julia S

    I don't think it's a matter of whether or not it's a good piece of art -- the fact is that it's in the wrong place. As you whizz by at 50 miles an hour, all you see is a scary set of glowing eyes and waving hooves. You don't get the opportunity to walk around the piece, to observe it from different angles, or to interact with it like you can the bear and the dancers.
    This is a piece that's representative of Luis Jimenez's large body of work, and it's too bad it's in a spot where it can't be adequately appreciated. That wasn't the original intent -- it's my understanding there were supposed to be benches and a place to sit and reflect on it, but 9/11 changed all that. And even so, most people in a hurry to get to and from the airport probably wouldn't have taken the time. Maybe in five years the city will move it to a more appropriate place.


    I really like the horse. Its a significant piece and I think it fits in well in its setting.


    I think if you like the blue horse or not is strongly dependent on the perspective and experiences of the viewer. After living some years in Asia with all the colorful temple and figures I donĀ“t feel annoyed by the blue of the horse...

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